Choose lessons that meet your needs!

Our lessons are tailored to meet the needs of the client.  Choose the ones that suit you.

  • Private Lessons:  Scheduled with professional dancers who know how to teach as well as dance
  • Class Lessons:  Introduces the student to steps and provides time to practice those steps.  Singles and couples are welcome.
  • Youth Classes:  Paced to allow teenagers to gain confidence in social settings and feel comfortable on the dance floor.
  • Wedding Dances:  Designed to make the wedding couple look good for their first dance as husband and wife.
  • Dance Parties:  Practice floorcraft at numerous dance parties hosted by the Dance Centre professionals.
  • Showcases:  By setting goals, the dancer advances more quickly.  Showcases allow the dance couple to show what they know, receive constructive comments, and set their next goals.
  • Performances:  Instructors and students have performed at various venues, such as the Macon Make a Wish Foundation Fundraiser, the Goodwill Fundraiser, and God Bless Fort Benning Celebration.

Macon & Columbus, Georgia

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